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New Zealand Classroom Spelling Bee, Years 1-8

Classroom Programme with Online Resources, Years 1-8

The Classroom Spelling Bee is a fantastic programme for Years 1-8 students. It exposes them to both everyday and new words to help them gain confidence and expand their vocabularies.

It is also a great pathway for enthusiastic spellers who want to compete in the New Zealand Spelling Bee when they are in Years 9-10.  The wordlists can be accessed online once you have registered. They are organised by the following year groups:

  • Years 1–2
  • Years 3–4
  • Years 5-6
  • Years 7-8

Each year group has three wordlists, three test sheets and a document with all the words.

The wordlists have been prepared for all spelling abilities from Level 1, the emerging speller to Level 3 and the competent speller.  Students looking for more of a challenge can use wordlists from other year groups.

The words have been organised into different categories ranging from food to reptiles. All the words apart from those in the Years 1-2 include the word’s part of speech, definition and use in a sentence.


Determine which Classroom Spelling Bee year group and wordlist level best suits each of your students.
Print and copy the chosen wordlists.
Give each student their word list.


Encourage students to practise their words and help each other to learn their words.


Print out the Classroom Spelling Bee Test Sheets for each word list and copy them.


For each spelling test word group:
  • Give the students their test sheet
  • Run the spelling bee by saying the spelling word on the wordlist twice and read out the sentence containing the word
  • Make sure the students have plenty of time to write down the word
  • Do this for each spelling word
  • Read through the complete list of words one final time
  • Collect the test papers
  • Mark the test papers and return to the students
Print out and copy the Classroom Spelling Bee Certificate.
Give out the Certificates with the Classroom Spelling Bee Test Sheet for each student.


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